Baked cheesecake with Blackcurrants – Willey’s Weekly Bake 197

Baked cheesecake, now most people are used to only having the American style fridge set cheesecake, but I love a baked one, it still has that creamy ness but better richer taste from being baked. I didn’t have any biscuits in the house so had to make digestives ( I have the recipe for them which I will include below but I get that this is totally an added extra!).

Ingredients for Digestives

  • 175g Plain flour
  • 150g Oats or oat meal if you have it
  • 150g Butter
  • 1/2 tsp Bicarbonate of soda.
  • 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
  • Pinch of salt
  • 3 tbsp of Golden Syrup
  • 2 tbsp of Milk

Ingredients for Base

  • 150g Digestives
  • 75g Butter
  • 20g Sugar

Ingredients for Cheesecake

  • 200g Full Fat Soft Cream Cheese
  • 2 Eggs
  • Drop of Vanilla bean paste
  • 75g Caster sugar

Ingredients for Blackcurrant topping

  • 300g Blackcurrants
  • 100g Caster sugar

Method for Digestives

  1. Pre heat the oven to 180 degrees celcius. Line two baking trays with baking paper or reusable sheets.
  2. If you have whole Oats blitz in a food processor to make into oat meal.
  3. Add the flour, oats and raising agents into a large bowl and rub in the the butter into fine bread crumbs.
  4. Then add in the golden syrup and milk and mix and knead together until it forms a soft dough.
  5. Then on a lightly floured surface, roll out the dough to 4mm thick.
  6. Then using a cutter cut out biscuits it should make about 30.
  7. Place on baking trays and bake in the oven for 15-20minutes until golden.

Method for Cheesecake

1.Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees celsius.

2.Start by making your base by blitzing your biscuits into a fine crumb you can use a food processor or place them in a bag and bash with a rolling pin.

3.Melt the butter and mix into the biscuits.

4.Line a 10 inch spring form tin with baking paper and then squash the biscuits into the bottom of the tin.

5.Make the cheese cake filling by beating together the cream cheese, caster sugar, vanilla bean paste until no lumps.

6.Then pour onto the base and level with a knife. Bake in the oven fro 25-30 minutes until golden on top.

Method for the Blackcurrant topping

  1. In small saucepan heat the blackcurrants, I used frozen ones so they had enough water but add a little water.
  2. Stir on a low heat and add the sugar and heat until soft and forms a syrup.
  3. This should take 15 minutes.
  4. Once the cheesecake is cooked add the blackcurrant topping and serve.

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